Songs Listed By Titles - Misc + A to G
(T) = guitar tabs included. (S) = sheet music included.

Misc + A

A Mother's Love
ABC of the Fishery (T)
All For Me Grog
All I Want for Christmas is You (T)
All Over Again
Alphabet Song (S)
Anti-confederation Song (S)
Antis of Plate Cove, The
As I Roved Out
Atlantic Blue
Aunt Martha's Sheep (S) (Tx2)


Badger Drive, The (S)
Bake-apple Time In Newfoundland
Balena, The (S)
Ballad of Aunt Beatie, The
Ballad of Mosey Burns, The
Ballad Of St Anne's Reel
Ballad of the Truxton & Pollux
Baloney Song, The
Band Played Waltzing Matilda, The # 1
Band Played Waltzing Matilda, The # 2
Banging of The Wheelhouse Door, The
Banks of Newfoundland, The # 1
Banks of Newfoundland, The # 2 (S)
Banks of Newfoundland, The # 3 (S)
Banks of Newfoundland, The # 4 (S)
Banks of Newfoundland, The # 5
Banks of Newfoundland, The # 6 (S)
Banks of Newfoundland, The # 7
Barrett's Privateers
Bartender's Story
Bartender's Sweetheart
Battle Song Of Newfoundland
Be Proud You're A Newfie
Belfast Mill (T)
Beothuk Song (S)
Betsy Brennan's Blue Hen
Between Two Trees
Beyond the Hill (T)
Biddy McGraw
The Big House On The corner
Big Strong Man
Billy Peddle
Bingo and Another World
Black is the Colour of My True Love's Hair # 1 (T)
Black is the Colour of My True Love's Hair # 2 (T)
Black Velvet Band # 1
Black Velvet Band # 2 (T)
Blackbird, The
Blarney Roses, The
Blooming Bright Star of Belle Isle, The
Blooming of the Flower, The
Blow Out The Lamp, Love
Blow The Wind Westerly
Bluenose, The
Bold O'Donoghue, The
Botany Bay # 1 (T)
Botany Bay # 2
Bound Down To (For) Newfoundland # 1
Bound Down To (For) Newfoundland # 2
Boys From Newfoundland
Brennan On The Moor
Bright Silv'ry Light of the Moon
Brunswick Street
Bubbles in the Glass
Buried in the Sand
Bury my body
Butcher Boy, The
Buy Us A Drink
By Peter Kerrivan
By The Glow of the Kerosene Light


CN Bus, The
Cabin, the River and I, The (T)
Café Down On Water Street
Calton Weaver, The (T)
Canadian pride
Candlelight And Wine (T)
Cape Shore Lady
Captain Wedderburn
Catch The Wind
Celtic Connections sings this one
Change, The
Chainsaw Earle (T)
Chemical Worker's Song, The (Process Man)
Children's Winter (T)
Chocolate Song, The
Christmas Dinner With Sam
Christmas Fancy (T)
Christmas for Everyone (T)
Christmas Jig (T)
Christmas In Killarney
Christmas Lights (T)
Christmas Roses
Citadel Hill
Cliffs of Baccalieu, The
Coal Boat Song, The (T)
Cobbler, The
Cockles and Mussels (Molly Malone) (T)
Cod Liver Oil # 1
Cod Liver Oil # 2
Combine Harvester, The
Come and I Will Sing You
Come Back Paddy Reilly
Come Closer Eastcoaster (T)
Come day go day,
Come on Down
Come on Home (T)
Come Where We're At
Common Man
Cramped Song, The
Crawl, The
Crosses and Crowns


D' Lard Liftin (T)
Daddy Won't be Home for Christmas (T)
Dance, Dance, Dance
Dancin' Round the Kitchen
Danny Boy
Dartplayer's Blues
Daughter Nel
Dear Mr. Ford (T)
Dirty Old Town (T)
Do It Once Again
Donald MacGillavry
Dont' Come Where We're To
Don't Vote Confederation
Dory Boat Man, The
Double Daylight
Down By The Ocean
Down East Boy (T)
Down East Day
Down Went McGinty


Emigrant from Newfoundland, The (S)
Engineer's Song, The
Everybody Back Home Misses You
Excursion Around the Bay


Far Away In Australia
Farewell to Nova Scotia (The Nova Scotia Song) (S)
Father Duffy's Well
Father's Day Card (T)
Feller From Fortune, The (Lots of Fish in Bonavist' Harbour) (S) (T)
Ferryland Sealer (S)
Fiddler's Green (S) (T)
Fields of Athenry (T)
Finnegan's Wake (T)
For the Fish We Must Prepare (S)
Fish of the Sea, The
Fish Out of Water
Fisher Who Died in His Bed, The (S)
Fisherman's Alphabet, The (S)
Fisherman's Blues (T)
Fisherman's Boy
Fisherman's Dream (T)
Fisherman's Pride
Fisherman's Son (T x 2)
Fishermen's Song, The
Fisherman's Wharf
Fishing Hole, The
Five Drunk Nights
Flag of Newfoundland, The (S)
Flemings of Torbay, The(S)
Flowers of Bermuda, The
Foggy Dew, The
Foggy Shores of Home, The
Follow Me Up To Carlow
Follow the Wind
For Your Love
Forty-Five Years (T x 2)
Four Green Fields
Franky and the Twisters
Freddie's Tune
Free In The Harbour
Friendly Fire
Frog in the Well


Galway Bay
Galway Shawl, The
Gather Up The Pots
Garnet's Home Made Beer
General Taylor (traditional)
General Taylor (as arranged by Great Big Sea)
Getting Back
Ghostly Crew
Ghosts Out In The Fog
Girl From Red Island
Glory Be
Godspeed (T)
Goin' Up (T)
Golden Jubilee
Gone By The Board
Gone to Canada
Gonna be a Time Tonight
Good Old Days
Goodbye Johnny Dear
Goodbye Mrs. Durkin (Muirsheen Durkin)
Goofy Newfie
Gotta Have an Accordion Man (T)
Gotta Get Me Moose B'y (T)
Government Game, The
Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer (T)
Grandpa's Motorboat
Great Big Sea Hove in Long Beach, A (S) (T)
Green Fields of France (Willie McBride) (T)
Green Green Grass of Home (Joan Morrissey Rendition)
Greenland Disaster, The (S)
Greenland whale factory
Grey Foggy Day (T)
Gypsy Rover, The (The Whistling Gypsy) (T)