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The Cramped Song

It's a mauzy old day out in Port Aux Basque harbour
Where the ferry's on hand accross in the strait
All I got is me gart book of Newfoundland words
To help the mainlander interpret our phrase
You pretty dear now you looks quiet a dream
Have a night to your quimp sir she's gone on a squish
That's the first goin off sir not used to the lot
What your belly keg needs is a bit of corned fish.
There's nar nother place sir you can say what you like
Tis handy about the best you can find me old trout
Oh we got is our rag malls and a scattered hard ticket
And some times our mouth speech is hard to make out

You take the book sir it might come in handy
Got thousands off pages right chock full of stuff
There's a lot of gram words there are some of thems queer
Not one bit atall like they talks cross the gulf
Tis your own blind look out sir just you're here a forthnight
But least ways we'll show you some fine goins on
They hopes for a scattered big time and a scoff
And we wont cry crack till we gets to St.Johns

There's nar nother crowd sir at least pardon to
Real king hands and charmers for heavier a bout
But if you gets leary and wants to turn in
There's no worries here about a place to keel out
There's skipper George down there in his dory
His heavin up tom cods on the stage with a pew
The first thing he asks if you'll walk o'er his threshold
Is come on in skipper where you longs to be

Where's aunt Bessie, Uncle George,
Oh she's up on the choppin block,
She callin her sheep now here nanny come nan
So here she comes now with some chips in her apron
Goin a warm up the toutins she got in the pan
There's nar crowd around sir that calls after we
Rigged out in our slip shots or off in our vamps
To be arse over kettles down there mong the toddies
Are you and your doxey out having a rampsy
Yes some times our mouth speech is hard to make out.