Way down in the county Kerry, in a place they call Tralee

A fine old couple they lived there - Kate and Pat Magee

They were going to have a party on their Golden Jubilee

Now Kate says she to Pat Magee come and listen here to me



Put on your old knee-britches and your coat of emerald green

Take off that hat me darlin' Pat, put on your old caibin

For today's our Golden Wedding and I'll have you all to know

Just how we looked when we were wed, fifty years ago


Oh, well do I remember, how we danced on the village green

You held me in your arms, dear Pat, and called me your cailin

Your hair was like a raven's wing, but now it's turning grey

Come over here old sweetheart dear, and hear what I've to say




And well do I remember, when first I was your bride

In the little chapel on the hill where we stood side by side

Of good friends we've had many, of troubles we've had few

Come over here old sweetheart dear, and here's what you must do





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