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Franky and the Twisters

Back in time when coke was a dime, and Maverick was on TV
Franky & the boys gathered up their toys, to make music history
With a new PA & Chevrolet, they went from town to town
There was always romance at a high school dance, whenever they came around
In sleazy bars with old guitars, they played till the break of dawn
They played Elvis, & the peppermint twist, the band rocked all night long

Franky and the twisters are playing tonight
They're playing hot music & doing it right
Pretty girls are coming from miles around
To dance the night away and hear their sound

Franky & the twisters know how to swing
They send you to the moon and bring you back again
Just when you think they're about to stop
They kick it in high gear and really bop

Franky went far in that beat up car, they bought a brand new plane
Pretty little girls all over the world, were driving them all insane
Now the years have past & Franky pumps gas,the drummer got a PHD
The piano man owns a hot dog stand, and he raised a family
Another one died of suicide, no one really knows for sure
The man on the bass got a woman's face, and he ain't a man no more

####.... A. Frank Willis / Petersen ....####