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The Fisherman's Alphabet

sheet music


So merry, so merry, so merry are we
No mortals on earth are like fishers at sea;
Blow high or blow low, we're jogging along,
Give us a fair cull and there's nothing goes wrong

" A. " for abundance, this we will need,
" B. " for our boats o'er the water do speed,
" C. " stands for caplin and codfish like-wise,
" D. " is for dawn, the time we all rise.

" E. " for our engines, on them we rely,
" F. " for the freezer our bait there we buy,
" G. " stands for grapnel, five hooks and a ring,
" H. " is for herring the first bait in spring.

" I. " for the inspector, he turns down all slime,
" J. " stands for jigger we have on our line,
" K. " stands for killick, wood, rock, and nails,
" L. " is for luff we have in the sails.

" M. " stands for mackerel, and meshes, and mast,
" N. " is for nails, this keeps the planks fast.
" O. " stands for oakum and " P. " for the prong.
It's a sharp-pointed steel in a handle so long.

" Q. " is for quintals and " R. " for the rise,
" S. " for the steamer that brings our supplies,
" T. " stands for tom-cod, the tide they do stem,
" U . " is for under and " V. " stands for vim.

" W. " is for whales we often hear blow,
We have " X. " on the gang-boards to keep them just so,
" Y. " is for yanking, a jerk and a twist,
And " Z. " is zephyr, the wind we like best.