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Bake-apple Time In Newfoundland

It's the thirtieth day of June on a Sunday afternoon
While I sit and wonder how I'll spend my time
As I sit here in jail with a washpan and a pail
I could use them both - it's bake-apple picking time

Oh when it's bake-apple time in Newfoundland as you drive along the road
And the little ones running freely to and fro
All the girls are having fun as they pick them one-to-one
It's the only place where the bake-apple berries (grow?)

I've been down to Annapolis Valley
I've picked apples from the trees
I've seen the oranges down California way
And in every grocery store you can buy them by the score
But the bake-apple only grows in Newfoundland ****

Now we lost our Union Jack and we'll never get it (back?)
Some say this new one's just a piece of rag
But if I had my say and designed it my own way
I'd paint the bake-apple on the Newfie flag

####.... Eddie Coffey ....####

Although the name "bake-apple" does seem to be used almost exclusively in Newfoundland, the berry itself can be found in most of the world's circumpolar regions and is usually called the cloud berry. For more information see the