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Dear Mr. Ford

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Dear Mr. Ford,
I dearly loved my van
My '85 F150...... was a beauty when it ran.
But it didn't run a long long time,
So I buried it in the ground
And sure it makes a little bit of smell
But it never makes a sound.

'Cause things fell off, and things let go
And nuts loosened up and I was always being towed.
Things would seize and refuse to work
And I always felt like a real jerk
Out there on the road... when my van wouldn't go.

So I got sick of dragging it 'ome,
Wouldn't it rot your socks
Just as I fixed one thing on, another thing fell off.
So I buried it in the ground
With a four inch pipe up through her
And now I got me an '85 F150 Econoline sewer.

So Dear Mr. Ford
Got thinking the other day
You know myself 'n the other fellers kinda like the old interior
I guess we're willing to pay.
We're ordering a brand new van
With them seats custom made
We're gonna park it on top of the sewer pipe
And that's where it's going to stay.

Things won't fall off and won't let go
Nuts won't loosen up, I won't need a tow
Things won't seize or refuse to work
Though I might look like a real jerk
Everytime I got to go
But it would pleasure me to know
That my outhouse will be.... a Ford!

####.... Buddy Wasisname And The Other Fellers ....####

Notes On Guitar Tabs:
All guitar tabs have been contributed by visitors to this site and represent
their interpretation of the tune. I am unable to verify their accuracy.

{C}Dear {G}Mr. {C}Ford, {G} {C}
I {F}dearly {C}loved my {G}van
My {F}'85 {C}F150...... {Am}was a {F}beauty when it {G}ran.
But it {G}didn't run a {G}long long {C}time, {G} {C}
So I {F}buried it {C}in the {G}ground
And {F}sure it makes a {C}little bit of {Am}smell
But it {F}never {G}makes a {C}sound.

'Cause {G}things fell off, and {C}things let go
And {G}nuts loosened up and I was {C}always being towed.
{G}Things would seize and {C}refuse to work
And I {G}always felt like a {C}real jerk
{f}Out there {C}on the {G}road... when my {F}van {C}wouldn't {G}go.