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Bartender's Story
See also Bartender's Sweetheart

I've been a bartender for nigh twenty years
I love the life I'm livin' servin' whiskey and beer
I've seen a lot of losers sittin' in this place
With looks of desperation written on their face

That guy in the corner sittin' all alone
He came in here the other night about closin' time
And who should he see sittin' at that table over there
Was the pretty wife who'd told him she was gone to evenin' prayer

When he found out I was the one flirtin' with his wife
His anger flared, he cursed on her, we began to fight
But then I saw the strangest thing as he got from the floor
There was a grin upon his bloody mouth as he made for the door

All that was a year ago, but now I understand
That crooked smile on that face bloodied by my hand
I haven't had a moment's peace ever since that night
I could almost hear him say you sucker learned your lesson right

Now every Sunday mornin' we're at the church by nine
And she won't let me have a drink that's stronger than wine
Why was I taken by those pretty flashin' eyes
If you take away her prayer books she's a devil in disguise

I today in desperation called her husband on the phone
I pleaded with him "Buddy, will you take this woman home?"
His hollow mockin' laughter just cut me like a knife
He said "Like I told you, bartender,

she's no longer my wife!"
####.... Simani ....####