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Ghosts Out In The Fog

I've seen it all the rise and fall now the fishing stocks are gone
It's a different way of life but we'll go on
We faced the icy winds and snow out on the northern sea
Where the cod stocks made a living once for me

And I remember years ago when men they made their daily catch
With cod tongues from the heads of fish we'd snatch
For a buck a pound we'd all go down close by the water's edge
And wait for skulls to fall down from the ledge

But if I stare out long enough over the mist upon the bay
I can still see men in the morning sail away
And I believe I see a vision in my dream upon this log
And it fades away like ghosts out in the fog

But time moved on our lives did change some friends we'll no more
As we boarded up the windows and the doors
As we stare once more at an empty shore where capelin used to race
And we'd leave for good the tears rolled down our face


And the years they drift behind us the dreams we had are gone
And we realize it's time now to move on
Like an ember from the chimney of a woodstove time it flies
And it fades away like stars up in the sky



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