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Gonna Be A Time Tonight

By Ray Lake


There's gonna be a time tonight.....

Over in the kitchen there's a thumping on the floor

The ugly sticks a banging and the squeeze box plays some more

Caribou is stewing and there dumplings going round

Soon the house be chinched there's a party going down


Hey.. Up the Harbours Down the Shores

There's gonna be a time tonight

Up the harbonrs round the shores

We're gonna have some fun tonight

Up the harbours down the shores tonight


A little man is infant as he scnffs across the floor

Trying to find some missus who will dance with him some more

He's drouling from his lower lip he's living since the dawn

And every step the mussis takes she drags him right along




Yeal they'er dancing out in Holyrood, and up the Southern Shore

Stomping up in Port Choix, and claping in Belloram

From Jackson's Arm to Jerry's Nose (and on to Port aux Basques

Come on out it's a happy event you'll have yourself a blast)




Holy cow the cock is crowing giving out a roar

Everyone has had thier fill they'er heading for the door

O'Toole's in the parlor singing slighily out of key

I think he wants to (save some for the cove) in Lamaline


Chorus Repeat xs2


Note: the parts in brackets are words I put in as I could not

understand what was being sung. If anyone can correct these I

would love to have the correct copy of this wonderful song.