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Bartenders Sweetheart
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Our marriage was happy, I was never alone
Except for the nights when my wife wasn't home
She was religious, so humble and meek
She attended her church about twicw a week

One night when she left, I thought it would be fine
To take a drive around to sort of pass the time
Time passed so quickly very soon I found
I was driving down a backroad on the outskirts of town

As I passed a corner a tavern came in view
So neatly painted with light shades of blue
My wife was in churh so I knew I had time
To have at least one glass of wine.

The sign on the bar said we close sharp at ten
So I ordered my drink as soon as I walked in
I picked up glass and turned for a seat
When a girl I then saw with a face oh so sweet

My heart it stopped beating as I saw her there
My legs were trembling as I walked to her chair
I reached out my hand a chair to pull out
When the bartenders hand drew blood from my mouth

He said your a stranger and I want you to know
Your welcome to whiskey as long as you got dough
But with my darlin' no man can dine
Her smile is for everyone but her love is all mine

I'm sorry bartender, I don't think you should mind
Cause with your darlin' I'm entitled to dine
But you can go on lovin her the rest of your life
For after tonight she's no longer my wife.

####.... Recorded By Dave & Aubrey ....####