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Beothuk Song


You're the last one to take the Beothuk line thru' time,
You're the last one in all of Newfoundland.
Do you wish you could cry as the long days go by,
Or smile when berry time comes to the land.

Shawanadit, send your dreams on the wind,
To the West they'll be blown.
To where the brave, young and old have all gone
All you once called your own.

By your Grandmother Moon, touched by the low silver light,
You have spoken the thoughts long on your mind.
For no stranger could know, as you come and you go
All you keep from the time now far behind.

As you walk where the dark children laughed and danced in the Sun,
Do you hear voices echoing through the trees?
Do you still trust your mind, as all 'round you find
Those who brought you the night from 'cross the seas?

####.... David Campbell ....####