Songs Listed By Titles - N to S
(T) = guitar tabs included. (S) = sheet music included.


Nancy Spain (T)
Nancy Whiskey
New Song of the Gypsy
Newfie Ain't So Goofie, The
Newfie Boy
Newfie Clock-Winder, The
Newfie Girl
Newfie Polka
Newfie Stomp, The (T)
Newfoundland Autumn
Newfoundland Blessing
Newfoundland Disaster, The (S)
Newfoundland Dog
Newfoundland High (T)
Newfoundland I Love, The
Newfoundland's Dream
Night that Paddy Murphy Died, The
Nightingale, The
Nobody's Child
Northern Lights of Labrador, The (T)
Northwest Passage
Nothing Good To Say
Nova Scotia Song, The (Farewell to Nova Scotia) (S)
Now I'm Sixty Four (Tx2)
Number 1 (Hospitality's Pavillion)


Ocean Ranger, The
Ode to Labrador
Ode To Newfoundland (S)
Ode To Trappers
Oh Lovely Newfoundland
Oh Maria
Oh No, Not I (Marry? No, Not I!)
Old Black Rum, The (T)
Old Brown's Daughter
Old Fashioned Christmas
Old Maid In A Garret (T)
Old Man's Accordion, The
Old Polina, The (S)
Old Woman From Wexford, The
One Room School
Orange and the Green, The
Our Heritage Tree
Our Newfoundland Home (T)
Out From St. Leonard's (T)
Outport People

P + Q

P Stands for Paddy
Paddy And The Whale
Paddy McGinty's Goat
Parcel, The
Pat Murphy's Meadow
Patriot Game, The (T)
Peggy Gordon
Peter Street
Petty Harbour Bait Skiff, The (S)
Picture to Hollywood
Pits, The (T)
Portland Town
Prison of Newfoundland (S)
Prisoner of the Wind
Process Man (The Chemical Worker's Song)
Prohibition Way (T)
Pub With No Beer, The (T)
Queen of Argyll


Ramblin' Rover
Rare Oul' Times, The (T)
Rattlin' Bog
Red-Haired Mary
Red is the Rose
Recruiting Sargeant (Newfoundland) (T)
Recruiting Sargeant (Irish)
Rise With the Sun
Rising of the Moon, The
Road home, the
Rocks of Merasheen, The
Rocky Road to Dublin, The
Roddy McCorley
Rolling Down to Old Maui
Rollin' Of the Sea
Rooster From Kitchusis, The
Rose In Her Hair
Roses are Blooming
Rose of Avalon
Roving Newfoundlanders, The (S)
Rubber Boots
Rubber Boots (continued)
Ryans and the Pittmans, The (We'll Rant and We'll Roar) (S)
Rhythm of the Goat, The


S.S. Caribou, The
St. John's Waltz (T)
Sailor's Alphabet, The
Sailor's Rest
Sally MacLennane
Saltwater Blues
Saltwater Cowboy Comes Home, The
Saltwater Cowboys
Saltwater Joys (T x 2)
Sam Hall
Sam Hall (as per The Fables)
Samuel Small
Santa Claus Is Comin' On A Trike
Santa Is A Newfie
Santa Might Not Come (T)
Santa's A Bayman Like Us
Savage Cop in Savage Cove
Say Something
Seagulls Still Follow on Freedom, The (T)
Sealers, The
Seven Drunken Nights # 1
Seven Drunken Nights # 2 (T)
Seven Drunken Nights # 3
Seven Drunken Nights # 4
Seven Old Ladies # 1 (T x 2)
Seven Old Ladies # 2 (T x 2)
Seven Old Ladies # 3 (T x 2)
Seven Years I Loved a Sailor
She's Like The Swallow (S)
She's Not Wild Anymore
Shickered As He Could Be
Ships in Full Sail
Shoals of Herring (T)
Shores of Botany Bay
Shores of NFLD
Shooting of the Bawks, The
Shoot the cat
Short Jacket
Sick As A Dog
Simple Tune
Singing for Fishermen
Single Maple Leaf
Sloop John B., The
Small Town Attitude
Snow White Dove, The
Some Shockin' Good
Somebody Moved A Mountain
Somebody Somewhere
Song For Labrador
Song for the Mira
Song For Newfoundland
Song of Freedom (to my countrymen)
Sonny's Dream (T)
South Australia
Southern Cross # 1 (S)
Southern Cross # 2 (S)
Spanish Ladies
Spanish Lady, The (T)
Spider And The Guy, The
Squarin'-Up Time
Squid Jiggin' Ground, The (S)
Star of the County Down, The (T)
Star of Logy Bay (S)
Storm of 45
Strings And Dory Plug
Sunsets on the Bay
Sure It's All the Same
Sweet Forget-me-not, The
Sweet Nellie
Sweet Memories