Shoot the cat


Now Nelly was the prettiest girl that you had ever seen

She always was invited to a dance or to a spree

She always had a song to sing and a ditty for to say

When she boldly asked her mother if she could go to the wake


Oh yes my darling Nelly you can go to the wake

My advice to you is you must give and you must take

For Johnny is the wildest youth that ever yet was born

And Im sure that youll be sorry comin home in the morn


So Nelly then got ready to the wake she did appear

Hoping that her Johnny he would soon be there

There was red wine white wine tasty cakes of every kind

Nelly filled her belly and had a grand ole time


The wake it been over and the people gone to rest

Johnny took his Nelly to a dark and shady nest

He took her in his arms and he laid her on her back

Saying Ill show you the game that they call shoot the cat




The seventh month been over the eighth one coming on

Nellys little jaws they were pale and they grew long

Her apron strings she could not tie her belly it grew fat

And they blamed it on the game that they call shoot the cat


The eighth month been over the ninth one come and gone

Nelly lay in bed with a bouncing baby son

Her mother said to her one day well name him for his sake

And well call him shoot the cat coming home from the wake


But the dirty little bugger he grew up to be a man

Hed go out around the corner with his dick out in his hand

And ever little girl hed see hed give his dick a shake

Saying daddy shoot the cat coming home from the wake