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Some Shockin' Good

We travelled way down east this year to see our parents place
And meet our gramps and grandma who's never see our face
The customs and the words were strange but be it understood
That everyone we met back home was some shockin' good

My grandpa took me fishing in his dory down the bay
You talk about your big ones that didn't get away
We brought them in and cleaned them up for winter like you would
And what we ate for supper tasted some shockin'good

Some shockin' good old chap
Some shockin' good
Everything we did back home was some shockin' good

My grandma learned me how to cook a scoff up for the boys
With figgy duff and riblets peas pudding and dough boys
I helped her clean the bed sheets and fill the stove with wood
I loved it when she told me I was some shockin' good

Our darling mates and win our hearts with sweet talk and a smile
We'd cook and clean and knit a bit and then we'd rest awhile
We tried not to spoil her but teach her as I should
Respect for god and everything is some shockin' good

Some shockin good my ducky
Some shockin good
Everywhere we had a time was some shockin good

Our holidays are over now were heading up along
Were very sad to leave here we'll be back before long
A grand old place to visit we'd stay here if we could
It's nice to live where everything is some shockin good

Some shockin good old trout
Some shockin good
Every way we turned we found it some shockin good

Some shockin good my love
Some shockin good
Everyone we met back home was some shockin good