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Sweet Nellie

Sweet Nellie was a lovely girl living in our town
And everytime I saw her the boys all gathered round
They old men they would whistle as she walked down the street
They all knew that Nellie could sweep them off their feet

One day a stranger came to town, it was love at first sight
It broke our hearts to see him out with Nellie every night
Then she said she'd marry him, there'd be no turning back
To say good-bye to lovely Nell, the little church was packed

I wandered to the tavern - the very next day
And who I saw there at the bar almost took my breath away
For there was Nellie's husband lookin tired & old
And in a drunken manner, boys, here's the story that he told

He said we left after the reception & we went up to our room
I was so, so happy to be the lucky groom
As she started to undress - it almost broke my heart
To see her beauty disappear as she took off part by part

She first took off her curly hair & placed it on a stand
She took off her eyelashes & placed them in me hand
She then took out her false teeth - the worst I ever saw
Next came off the girdle boys, & the 18 hour bra

Now as I looked straight at her I could not believe my eyes
I did not know an hour ago, I was in for this surprise
I cursed the men who made these things, it should be against the law
Especially the girdle and the 18 hour bra

So, young men take my warning if you're looking for a wife
Be sure to find a good one with whom to spend your life
Examine her all over and be careful; dont' you fall
For the lovely, shapely girdle and the 18-hour bra

####.... Michael T. Wall ....####