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Seven Years I Loved a Sailor

A pretty fair maiden,looking out her window
When a frisky young sailor, she chanced to see
He looked at her,as if he knew her
Saying pretty fair maiden,won't you marry me.

To marry you sir, a man of honour
A man of honour, you seem to be
To marry you sir, and love another,
Your wedding maid sir, I never will be.

Foolish maiden, I did not ask you
Only to be, my blushing bride
I'll have servants, to wait upon you
While you and I in, our carriage ride

I have a sweetheart, of my own sir
Seven years now, he's gone to sea
Seven more and I'll still wait longer
Till he returns for, to marry me.

Foolish maiden, O why so foolish
To waste your love, on any young man
Perhaps he's or, perhaps he's married
And maybe dead in, some foreign land.

If he's sick sir, I'll wish him better
If he's married, I'll wish him joy
If he's dead sir, I'll wish him Heaven
For he was once my, true sailor boy.

When he saw how, she'd been so loyal
When he saw how, she'd been so true
He put his hand, in his coat pocket
said here's the ring love, I took from

Seven years dear, you have been loyal
Seven years now and your still true
Seven more and, you'll wait no longer
For I've returned for, to marry you.