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Squarin' Up Time

sheet music

Oh the fish are all caught and the squids are all jigged,
The traps are caught up and the schooner's unrigged.
All hands on the counter are driving the smoke,
Where Jacob is splicing some left-handed rope.

Squarin'-up time beside the big shop,
The clerks are kept busy and write on the top.
"Look sharp now then sonny, attend to my needs,
A pack of those raisins without any seeds."

Skipper John Wilson strolled into the line
If his credit was good for a few slips of twine,
He got such a fright when they gave him a ram,
That he bought a bologna for Aunt Mary Ann.

Uncle Nick Nicholas he squared up his bill,
He took up the ballast in Joe Rootan's pail,
Got a loan of a pipe from young Tommy Hayes,
He smoked till his whiskers went in a blue blaze.

When he found out his merchant had no Gillette Lye
Which his woman had to ask Grandpa Maurice to buy,
The way that old codger took on was a sin;
Just at that moment the parson walked in.

All hands they were laughing at grandfather's prank,
Were quiet as mice when they saw Parson Bank,
And Billy O'Toole he was frightened so bad
That he swallowed the last chew of 'baccy he had.

The parson said grandpa looked sheepish enough,
I guess I'll think you were cutting up rough;
And Billy O'Toole had the tooth-ache all day,
And Big Eye was trying to charm it away.

There's five dollars coming to you Mr. Knee,
I don't want it sit, that's no good to me
Share it up between the parson and Dr. Carrew
Because I want to keep on the good side of them too.

####....Arthur R. Scammell....####