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Santa Is A Newfie

Explorers searched the North pole & found no trace of Santa
He used to live there I was told, & that's the truth, I'l grant you
Oh, listen to my story, folks & you will understand
Why Santa packed his big red sleigh & moved to Newfoundland

One day the reindeer said they couldn't land in foggy weather
We must have visibility, 400 feet or better
We fly just like Air Canada, in fog we just can't land
And Santa said, That does it, deers, let's move to Newfoundland

There's no one in the world can fly quite like a Newfoundlander
He'll spot the airport terminal thru fog when you can't see your finger
He moved his winter quarters down just north of Logy Bay
And when the weather's foggy he'll just follow EPA

Santa Claus is alive & well & he's now a Newfoundlander
On christmas eve he rings his bells & his plane takes off from Gander
Thru snow & fog the reindeer jog behind that Boeing jet
He makes his way on EPA ; hasn't missed a landing yet

You may think this story, friends is just some Newfie jokin'
But Christmas Eve the reindeer keep their shiny noses pokin'
Into that jet of nice, warm air across the midnight sky
While Santa smiles & says HO HO and whistles I'se The B'y