The Rose of Avalon (as performed on “Dukes of Granville: CORNERBOYS Live at the Split Crow”)

© 2003 Robert J. Currie

C                 G/B      Am       C/G

As I walked out in first daylight

                      F             C         G

Through the streets of old St. John's

           F          G       C              Am

'Twas there I met a wondrous sight

       F           G     C   G

The rose of Avalon 

                  C             G/B         Am       C/G

'Twas her dark eyes first that captured me

     F         C                  G

A gentle light in them shone

    F               G           C        Am

I stood transfixed, as fair as this

               F           G   C  C7

Was the rose of Avalon


      F            G                C            Am

A precious pearl is the mainland girl

        F             C           G

With beauty like the dawn

             C              G/B        Am          F

But I'll make my stand in Newfoundland

               C          G     C    G

With the rose of Avalon


I'll build for her a little house

A chair to rest upon


And by the sea, she'll live with me

The rose of Avalon

And when I must go, again to know

This lonely road I'm on

I'll sing my part 'til it reach her heart

The rose of Avalon



No happier a man could be

Than to have his eyes upon

The rocky east Atlantic shore

And the rose of Avalon


And if she'll stay here at my side

And if my love is strong

She'll be content to be my bride

The rose of Avalon