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Newfoundland Dog

Life saver! Wave stemmer!
Deep diver! Away!
Night's shadows are closing
The portals of day;
On the breast of the billow
We hear his low wail,
We have put up the rudder,
And furl'd up the sail.

No signal from Heaven
Will show where, he be;
And where e'er he be driven,
We men cannot see.

Ho! Carlo! Newfoundland!
Go follow his cry,
As it gaspingly answers
The sea moaners sigh;

The boat shall be lower'd,
The men shall belay,
Life saver! Wave stemmer!
Deep diver, away!
Away! fetch him out!
Fetch him up! seize him! Ho!
Mount the wave dog! Ha!
Down down below!

Hark! watch! bear a hand,
Bring a light
Not a sound
Bring a light
Hark! there's a moan.

Yes the waves moaning over the drown'd
God's spirit preserve him,
Amen and amen.

Hist! a flash and a motion
Ha! Carlo, Ha! Carlo, again,
Good dog, then, good dog, then
Bear a hand, then, pull tight,
A boat hook a boat hook,
He's in and all right;
Come, Carlo, quick, follow,
Fine fellow hard strife,

Wave stemmer!
Deep diver!
We owe you a life.

####.... F. W. N. Bailey -- Melody by Henry Russell ....####