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The Old Man's Accordion

There was laughter and joy on that fine summer's evening;
The children all waited at the old village hall.
For a rock and roll band to come from the city,
To play for the dance at their school closing ball.

Their fun was short-lived,'cause the band couldn't make it.
Which prompted a shy little fellow to say,
"Let's ask grandpa to play us some music."
'Cause often I've heard his accordion play.

I know he can't play our kind of music
But he sure puts his heart in the music he knows
Some songs he can sing are the ones he remembers
When he was a boy long, long years ago

A short time later, as the others were waiting,
The boy and his grandfather entered the door;
He led the old man to a chair in the corner,
Placed a torn cardboard box by his feet on the floor.

The children all cheered as he took out the accordion,
And laid it in place on his grandfather's knee.
With trembling hands, his gentle old fingers
Softly ran over the ivory keys.

He said "I can't play your new kind of music,
But I'll do my best with the music I know,
I hope you'll enjoy the tunes I will play you,
And the songs I remember from long, long ago."

He filled the old place with such beautiful music,
The children could hardly believe it was true.
They danced through the night, such a time they had never,
And the old man smiled as he thought of his youth.

His heart filled(?) with joy as he watched the young couples,
The boys and the girls in their innocent fun.
And he thought of a pretty young golden-haired maiden,
Whose love on a night such as this he had won.

He said "I don't know your new kind of music,
But thank you for asking this old man to play,
It does my heart good, and it helps me remember
When I was a youth, like you are today.

God bless you for asking this old man to play."