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Nothing Good To Say

You didn't see it coming but you're gonna feel it leave

You sad pathetic witch it's just your nature to deceive

I stood by you faithfully in good times and in bad

You set out to have me and you have cause I've been had

All the times you left me out there twisting in the wind

You may have been my lover but you never were my friend no no

I'll admit at first that I was blinded by your light

Now as I look closer it don't shine so bright

You should be concerned about your state of mental health

I know you're devoted but it's only to yourself

How I wish that fate had let me never cross your path

The road not taken's gone for good and I'll never get it back no no

All the time and effort that went into loving you

Was just a waste of energy that tore my heart in two yeah yeah

There's no silver lining in this cloud of grief and pain

I can see the exit sign there's nothing left to gain

Listen to me girl and really pay attention here

I don't need you coming round pretending that you care

Let me put this whole thing in perspective if I may

When it comes to loving you there's nothing good to say no no

####....Randy Downey....####