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Rubber Boots {continued}
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There are many versions of the Rubber Boot Song
But I'll tell you now that the stories are wrong.
I'll continue the song in the words of me son
Who fished with his dad with his rubber boots on.

Yes I am the boy in the rubber boot song
And I've worked with me father for seven years long.
Me father's unwilling to let me go home
He wants me to work with me rubber boots on.

The Labrador shore is a rough place to be
And I find it lonely, just me father and me.
If I had a girlfriend I'd stay with Old Tom
And make the ten shillings with me rubber boots on.

Well, a merchant's fine daughter came down for the year
A pretty young thing with long yellow hair.
I can't wait today 'til me work is all done
And I'll go to her place with me rubber boots on.

Now, you can imagine my total surprise
To find a house full of other young boys
Wearin' their rubbers just like Father Tom
"Cause they heard the song called the Rubber Boot Song.

Me mind it was working a mile overtime
I had an advantage so I took me time
For it was her aunt 'twas said in the song
Kicked me dad out of bed with his rubber boots on.

When the house it was empty I knocked on her door
She welcomed me in where I'd ne'er been before.
She said in a wink that her father was gone
So I stepped in there smartly with me rubber boots on.

We went up the stairs and we jumped on the bed.
No thoughts of her father came into me head
'Til I heard the door like the sound of a gun
And I jumped out of bed with me rubber boots on.

I rushed to the window my escape for to make
But her father was waiting my life for to take.
The old man he grabbed me and he threw me head-long
And I pitched on the ground with me rubber boots on.

That I lived to tell this is quite a surprise
For the old man he chased me wiith fire in his eyes.
He told me to get and he discharged his gun
And I ran like the devil with me rubber boots on.

It was just two years later I met him once more.
He greeted me kindly like he'd ne'er done before.
He invited me over to see his grandson
Run all 'round the house with his rubber boots on.