Songs Listed By First Lines - I to N


I am a weaver, a Calton weaver
I am leaving on the evening tide
I came home on Saturday night,
I came upon a charming girl and Sarah was her name
I can read what’s on your mind I know you've chilled our favorite wine
I crossed the wildest ocean
I danced in the morning when the world was young
I dreampt I met a maiden fair
I drank sixteen doubles for the price of one
I drove my tractor through your 'aystack last night
I fish for a living, I got a wife and two children
I got a loan of my grandfather's fiddle
I have no silver no diamonds or gold
I have often heard it said from my father and my mother
I have witnessed many changes from his birth and through the years
I just have a letter from my mom today
I left Cape Breton on the coal boat
I met my love by the gasworks door;
I never wanted to leave somewhere I always believed
I packed up my life in an old knapsack
I ponder on those days gone by as we sat beside the rill,
I remember times not long ago when outport life was nice and slow
I remember the day the explosion ripped the mine
I remember the time when my grandpa and I
I see the light, across the bay
I used to watch you rise with the sun
I ventured a walk one early May morning
I visit her grave every Sunday
I wake up in the morning, hear the first songbird sing
I wandered today through the hills, Maggie
I was born and raised in Newfie
I was born under the star, never meant to journey far
I was in my house at the top of the hill
I was sitting all alone, nothin' on my mind
I was standing by the window yesterday morning,
I was standing in the corner looking at you.
I was up on the mainland for many a year
I watched the gold in your hair turn to silver
I weep the same, oh bonnie bonnie maid,
I went out on Friday night t'drown the weekday blues
I will never let you down or cause you any pain
I wish I had someone to love me, someone to call me their own
I wish I was a fisherman, tumbling on the seas
If anything happened to you
If I could take my own advice
If my intention was to stay and look at this a different way
If you ever go across the sea to Ireland
If you... got the great big fright
If you say, something, something that them don't
If you'll listen, I'll sing you a sweet little song,
I'll sing a song about a man I know you'll all agree
I'll tell me ma when I get home, the boys won't leave the girls alone,
I'll tell you a tale about Newfoundland dear
I'm a fisherman's son got fisherman's ways.
I'm a hardy old sailor from Newfoundland's shore.
I'm a jolly seafaring man and Tobin is my name
I'm a Newfoundlander born and bred and I'll be one 'til I die,
I'm a young married man ...
I'm a young married man ...
I'm happy for the things I've done
I'm happy for the things I've done
I'm going home to Newfoundland
I'm going to tell a story, a funny one you see
I’m gonna live beside the ocean that’s where I’ll spend my twilight days
I'm my own granpa...I'm my own granpa
I'm nobody's child...I'm nobody's child...
I'm sitting on the porch with a bottle of brew
I'm writing you this little note from far across the sea
In a lonely little room, there sits a lonely little boy,
In a neat little town they call Belfast
In 1497 our island it was found
In 1915 on the tenth day of June
In 1985 in a quiet fishing village where I was well known,
In an Irish country home, one evening long ago
In cutting and hauling, in frost and in snow,
In Dublin city, where I did dwell,
In Dublin's fair city where the girls are so pretty
In fancy my mind wanders back to my youth
In her eyes there was moonlight and a rose in her hair
In Mount Joy Jail, one Monday Morning, high above the Gallows Tree,
In my memory I will always see the town that I have loved so well
In Placentia Bay there sat on the shore
In South Australia I was born!
In the chilly hours and minutes .. of un-cer-tain-ty, I want to be
In the cold Canadian waters north from the coast of Maine
In the days I went a courtin', I was never tired resortin'
In the merry month of June from me home I started,
In the mid 1960s the news rang out clear,
In the search of brighter things,
In the town of St. John's, that's where I chance to dwell
In the World's third largest seaport far across the sea,
In the year of our Lord, eighteen hundred and six
In these wastes of icebound waters,
In this dim bar all alone
Is you 'appy
I'se the b'y that builds the boat
It seems your always on me back for something I just did
It was a cold winter's night and not a star was in sight
It was early in the sping in the merry month of May
It was early Monday morning and the day been calm and fine
It was in the city of London
It was in the spring, this year of Grace, with new life pushing through,
It was just like strapping 'em on and starting again,
It was just the other night
It was on one cold winter's night
It's a damn tough life full of toil and strife we whaler men undergo
It's a mauzy old day out in Port Aux Basque harbour
It's acrimony down in the card room
It's been some years ago since I left from my island
It's a working man I am,
It's half past midnight on Christmas Eve
It's lonesome away from your kindred and all
It's spreading across the country like a wild fire on the run
It's the thirtieth day of June on a Sunday afternoon
It's the 24th of May and we likes to get away,
It's up in Fox Island, prosperity lies
I've been a bartender for nigh twenty years
I've been a wild rover for many a year
I've done a lot of living and I've found
I've sailed upon the ocean wide
I've seen a lot of sadness in the countries of this world
I've seen it all the rise and fall now the fishing stocks are gone
I've travelled far (from?) the northern star since the day that I was born
I've watched her alone,

J, K, L

Jesus take hold of my hand
Just to wake up in the morning to the quiet of the cove
Just twenty years ago today, I held my mother's hand
Knit me a real warm sweater mom
Last night I had the strangest dream I'll remember for a while
Let’s go on the town tonight and grab a couple beers
Let's have an old fashioned Christmas this year in our home-town
Li da di da di la la la la Li da di da di la la la la
Life saver! Wave stemmer!
Lift, Mac Cahir Oge your face
Light the fire,
Like his daddy before him, his daddy before
Like to go a-moose hunting, hunting in the fall,
Long before the white man came to haul the shining cod
Long,long ago as our history shows
Louis was the king of France
Love,........ your boat's lost at sea............
Lukey's boat is painted green, aha my boys,
Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch

M, N

M' father often told me, when I was just a lad,
Many years have gone by since I left my Fortune Bay Home
Mary Mack's mother's making Mary Mack marry me,
Maria I recall a time you barely knew my name
Maybe someday I'll go back again to Ireland,
Me name's Able Rogers, a shareman am I
Me thinks I see a host of craft
Mister Patrick McGinty, an Irishman of note,
Momma, it's so good to get your letter
Most sad was my misfortune in the year of sixty-three,
Mother once told me, when I was a boy
My dreams as a young lad was a fisherman to be
My love I'm gone to Canada
My memory often wandered back when I was but a lad;
My Momma sure was pretty way back when she was young
My name it is Robert, they call me Bob Pittman;
My Pop was a hard workin' man from Spaniards Bay
Near to Banbridge Town, in the County Down one morning in July,
No highway there led down the way they followed.
Nobody knows how long it's been ever since the world began
Now as I come home on Monday night
Now as I was a-walking one morning in May
Now here's to you wherever you may be
Now I am intending to sing you a song,
Now I came home the other night
Now, I know that we don't talk like you mainlanders,
Now it's just my luck to have the watch, with nothing left to do
Now, I've got a story to tell of a ship that served her people well.
Now the ice still clings to the rocks in the harbour
Now, there's a little place that I know that you'd be going to,
Now 'tis of a young maiden this story I'll tell
Now, 'Twas twenty-five or thirty years since Jack first saw the light.
Now when I was a young man I carried me pack