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Until We Meet Again

Now here's to you wherever you may be
I tip my hat to your health and your well being
And may the sun shine down on you to just know that you're my friend
And I hope life treats you fair until we meet again

Until we meet again my trusted friend
I just wanna tell you how good that it has been
And there's a place in my heart and it's always there for you
And I hope it won't be long until we meet again

Well I must be on my way on the next train out of town
Oh how I wish that I could stay but I hear that calling now
I'll be thinking of you and all the good times that we had
I wanna wish you a fine farewell until we meet again


Now we must part and go our separate ways
But I'll be coming back just to see you my old friend
And so the party's over and a good time had by all
And may the good Lord watch over you until we meet again