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I'se the B'y

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I'se the b'y that builds the boat
I'se the b'y that sails her
I'se the b'y that catches the fish
And brings them home to Lizer

Cods and rinds to cover your flake
Cake and tea for supper
Cod fish in the spring of the year
Fried in maggoty butter

Repeat Chorus

Hip your partner Sally Tibbo
Hip your partner Sally Brown
Fogo, Twillingate, Mortan's Harbour
All around the circle

I don't want your maggoty fish
that's no good for winter
I can buy as good as that
down in Bonavista

I took Lizer to a dance
As fast as she would travel
And every step that she did take
Was up to her knees in gravel

Susan White, She's out of site
Her petticoat wants a border
Old Sam Oliver, in the dark
He kissed her in the corner

Repeat Chorus