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Winter Blues

Let's go on the town tonight and grab a couple beers

Cabin fever's creepin' in it's that time of the year

Gotta try to find a way to beat the winter blues

I don't care where we go it could be anywhere you choose

Just about the time you think it's never gonna end

If you don't get some redemption then your mind will never mend

Throw a pair of jeans on grab your dancing shoes

Here's a plan that's sure to overcome the winter blues

Warmer days and sunshine just around the bend

Got me so excited I just had to call a friend

Me and you together we could call up all the gang

Winter's almost over we could end it with a bang

Jennifer and Todd are always looking for some fun

Ann Marie and Jonathan are sure to want to come

Jim's already down there cause he's down there every night

He's just the kind of guy who won't come home until it's light

Bring along your Visa MasterCard or cash

Whatever's tucked away it's time for breakin' out your stash

If no one's in the spirit then I'm gonna go alone

Cause all this cold and snow and crap has chilled me to the bone

####....Randy Downey....####