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The H'Emmer Jane

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Now 'tis of a young maiden this story I'll tell
And of her young lover and what them befell.
Now her lover was a captain who sailed the blue sea
And this is the circumstances attending the departure of 'e.

Now the vessel he sailed on was called the H'Emmer Jane,
'Twas in honour of she that he gave her that name,
So that when he was sailin' all o'er the blue sea,
The vessel he sailed on might mind him of she.

On a cold stormy morning, all down by the sea,
H'Emmer Jane sat a-waiting, a-waiting for he,
And on a cold stormy morning, her body were found,
So 'twas figgered pretty gen'rally, she'd gone crazy and got drowned.

With a boatload of shingles our captain sailed away,
Sailed away from his true love all on a summer's day,
And he ne'er more was heard of, nor his vessel so brave,
So 'twas figgered pretty gen'rally, that he'd found a wat'ry grave.

They buried her up in the buryin' ground,
Put a headstone a-tellin' how she were found,
And over her head they set out a Willer Tree,
So the wind in the branches , might mind them of she.

Not very long after these here things occurred,
A stranger came to town where H'Emmer Jane was buried,
And he axed of the sexton, where H'Emmer Jane might be,
And he answered by pointin' to the old Willer Tree.

Next morning they found him, by the side of H'Emmer Jane,
They found his cold corpus, insensibly a layin',
And in his breast pocket was a hankerchief of hers,
So 'twas figgered pretty gen'rally, 'twas the captain returned.

They buried him down in a grave close by her,
And over his head they set out the wild bri-er,
Now the wind in the Willer is in memr'y of she,
And the wild bri-er twist round 'en, in memr'y of he.