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My Grandfather's Fiddle

I got a loan of my grandfather's fiddle
It's unlike anything you've seen before
The strings are old, the bow is weak
The bridge is warped, the keys don't keep
But you should have seen him play that "St. Anne's Reel"

I got a loan of my grandfather's fiddle
It hasn't been played since the day he died
But now that I've learned how to play
I can bring back memories of the days
I can almost make my mother cry
Put teardrops in my grandmaman's eyes
Whenever I fiddle out that old "St. Anne's Reel"

I'd like to restore my grandfather's fiddle
By putting new strings tight around new keys
But I won't restore the physical things
But only the tunes that the memories bring
And grandmaman will get that feeling
When she hears that "St. Anne's " reeling
And her and mom will see grandpapa once more
{fiddle tune St. Anne's Reel}

####.... The Sharecropper Trio ....####