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Twenty-five Miners

I remember the day the explosion ripped the mine
There were twenty-five miners working to make their time
They had worked all night at the coal face trying to earn their bread
When a rumble in the earth left each ne filled with dread
They were standing at the bottom just waiting to catch the trip
They were laughing and joking and gripping their pails in their grip
When a rumble in the earth stopped their laughter
Sending fear into their bones
And the first thought that they had was "dear God get me home"
The rumble got stronger and then it started to roar
The twenty-five miners fell on theor face to the floor
They heard the roaring get stronger as it moved up from the deep
And twenty-five widows would stand at the pit and weep
The miners lay on their face in a cold dark fear
And some of them cried as the roaring began to get near
The timbers started to crumble, the beams in the roof gave way
And twenty-five miners lay dead beneath the clay
The widows and children were gathering around the mine
Sending out words they hoped would come back with a sign
Women held their children near them against this sudden blow
And twenty-five humans lay dead in the earth below
Yes, I remember the day the explosion ripped the mine
My father and my brother were down their making their time
And I swore that day to all living that I would never work at coal
Even if I lived to be ninety-nine years old
I remember the day the explosion ripped our home ... Ripped our home!

####.... The Sharecropper Trio ....####