Songs Listed By Titles - T to Z
(T) = guitar tabs included. (S) = sheet music included.


Take Me As I Am
Take Me Home William Carson
Tarry Trousers
Tear the House Down
Teddy's Barn
Tell Me, Mister
Ten Little Turrs
Terra Nova
Theresa Maria
Thank God Were Surrounded by Water
Thanks a Lot For the Rock
That Old Feelin'
There's No Price Tag on the Doors of Newfoundland (S) (T x 2)
Theresa Maria
This is my Home
Thrashing Machine
Three Score and Ten
Thomas And Nancy
Three Score and Ten (T)
Three Wheat Ships (S)
Tickle Cove Pond (S)
Till the Christmas Bells Ring (T)
Time to be Made a Wife
Tiny Red Light (T)
Toast to Newfoundland, A
Tobacco Song, The (S)
Town I Loved So Well, The (T)
Tragedy of Resettlement, The
Trapper's Song, The (S)
Traveler, The
Trelawney's Army
Tribute to Bond and his Trusty Placentia Crew
Tribute to Newfoundland (T)
Trinity Cake (S) (T)
Trois Navires de Blé (S) (T)
Trout River Living on my Mind
True Newfoundlander
Truxton Song, The
Turn up the Radio
Twenty-five Miners
Twenty One Years
Twenty One Years [continued]
Two Fishermen Missing
Two Jinkers (Jimmy Walsh And Stephen) (S)
Two Sisters, The


Unemployment Song, The (S)
Union From St. John's, The
Until We Meet Again
Up In Fox Island
Us Again


Veil of White Lace (T)
Viking Winds


Walking the Streets of my Home Town
Wall of Our Home, The
Waltzing Matilda (S)
Wanda Lee
War Like Lads Of Russia
Water Witch, The
Wave Over Wave (with wife's monologue) (S) (T)
Wave the Flag
We Few
We'll go back
We'll Rant and We'll Roar (The Ryans and the Pittmans) (S) (T)
We're Coming Home (T)
West Country Lady (T)
West Moon (T)
When Father Papered the Parlour
When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
When Our Boys Gave up Squiddin' (S)
When The Caplin Come In (S)
When the Plane Touches Down in Deer Lake (T)
When You And I Were Young, Maggie
Where the Alders Grow (T)
Where the Blarney Roses Grow (The Blarney Roses)
Where The Mountain Meets The Bay
Whisky in the Jar # 1 (S) (T)
Whisky in the Jar # 2 (S)
Whiskey on a Sunday
Whistling Gypsy, The (The Gypsy Rover) (T)
White Rose of Newfoundland
Who's Guarding Newfoundland
Wild Colonial Boy, The # 1 (S) (T)
Wild Colonial Boy, The # 2 (S)
Wild Mountain Thyme
Wild Rover, The (S) (T)
Will my soul pass through the East Coast
Will You Love Me When I'm Old And Feeble
Will They Lie There Ever More? (T)
William Carson, The
Winds gotta blow
Winter Blues
Without You
Wolf at the Door
Working Man (T)
Woman of Labrador (S)
Wreck of the Steamship Florizel, The (S)


Yesterday's Fisherman (Sharecropper Trio)
Yesterday's Fishermen (Buddy Wasisname)
You & I Underneath the Moon
You Ain't a Nova Scotian If You Don't Like Fish
You Asked Me
You Can't Fool a Newfoundlander (a.k.a. the Answer to Aunt Martha's Sheep)
Young Chambers (S)
You're My Best Friend
You're Not Older, Honey
Your Boat's Lost at Sea
Your Loving Touch