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Twenty One Years (continued)
See also Twenty One Years

Six months have gone by, love, the good doctor said
For Six worried months, love, i've been sick in bed
My poor hungry heart, love, was in agony
The drugstore had nothing the could help what ailed me

They tell me you're worried because I did not write
But a brain that is fevered is dark as the night
So you'll understand, love, why I did not write you
The Master in Heaven knows what I've been through

The judge made you stand up said you dry your tears
Then he sent you to Dartmoor for 21 years
As we stood here embracing they tore us apart
But they'll never tear you from my lonely heart

They shackled your arms, love, they shackled your feet
But they'll never shackle a love that is sweet
The angels all know, love, you'll always be mine
And I'll still be waiting though its a long time

I went to the Warden, got down on my knees
Said, oh, Mr Warden, won't you hurry please
I asked for your pardon through my blinding tears
But all I could remember was 21 years

Although you're in prison, behind those iron bars
When I get my strength back, I'll come where you are
I'll stand by those high walls and cry through my tears
And I'll wait for you love for 21 years