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Two Fishermen Missing

One day in September the skies they were blue
The wind from the southard on a course straight and true
They took fuel in Old Perlican having left Bay de Verde
Two fishermen missing and we still haven't heard

Two fishermen missing oh where could they be
As all ships and search planes are combing the sea
Two Fishermen those Baccalieu cliffs
Spell trouble for trawlers longliners and skiffs

Two days on the water it was their intent
Their time was spent fishing then homeward they went
But the trials of fishermen do never cease
On the rocks the next morning was the Andrea Denise

Bruce Button the captain he kept a firm hand
Warren Cooper, Gar Bursey made second and third man
They were plucked from the water and saved from the plight
Of Roll Driscoll, Randy Bursey who were nowhere in sight

The night lights are burning out in their hometown
As loved ones are praying those men will be found
So come all you seafarers who wait on the shore
Two fishermen missing

####.... Jim Payne ....####