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The Wild Colonial Boy # 2
See also Wild Colonial Boy # 1

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About the Wild Colonial Boy Jack Dowling was his name
Of poor but honest parents was born in Castlemaine
He was his father's favourite and his mother's only joy
And dearly did they always love the Wild Colonial Boy

So come along my hearties we'll roam the mountain side
Together we will plunder together we will ride
We'll ride over hills and mountains and gallop over the plains
For we scorn to die in slavery bound down by iron chains

He was scarcely sixteen years of age when he left his father's home
And through Australia's sunny climes the bushranger did roam
He robbed those loyal squatters and their flocks he did destroy
And a terror to Australia was the Wild Colonial Boy

Oh Jack strolled out one morning and he softly rode along
Listening to the mocking bird their merry laughing song
Up rode three mounted troopers Davis Kelly and Fitzroy
And of course rode up to capture the Wild Colonial Boy

"Surrender now Jack Dowling you see there's three to one
Surrender in the Queen's name you outlaw plundering son"
Jack drew a pistol from his belt and he flashed the little boy
"I'll fight but not surrender" cried the Wild Colonial Boy

Now he fired at trooper Kelly and he brought him to the ground
And in return from Davis he received a dreadful wound
With one leg in the saddle still firing at Fitzroy
Now that's the way they captured the Wild Colonial Boy