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You Can't Fool a Newfoundlander

See also: Aunt Martha's Sheep

Here's the finish of the story I think that I should tell
About the b'ys in Carmenville who ended up in jail
They went out on a caper as they went to steal a calf
And thought they fooled a Mountie, but the Mountie got the laugh

As they told you in the story, the Mountie joined right in
He had a feed of mutton and he thanked them with a grin
If I wasn't still on duty, well, I's stay and have a beer
For a finer bunch of by's I know I'll never find like here

Now, when he left they thought that they had seen the last of he
They didn't know that in a while back to the house he'd be
And that he wouldn't be alone, a friend would be with him
And this time at the party, well, he'd wear a bigger grin

Now as they watched him drive away they all began to boast
To think they gave him mutton and he thought that it was moose
A Mountie from the mainland, they knew they'd told him lies
And drank a toast to the wool they pulled over his eyes

They were drinking and were talking 'bout the sheep that they had took
When above the songs and laughter they heard another knock
They said come on in and join us 'cause we're havin' quite a night
But when the door came open, well, they got an awfuf fright

In the doorway stood Aunt Martha who had come to claim ger sheep
And the man who stood beside her, he had boots upon his feet
With stripes upon his trousers and a grin upon his face
The Mountie from the mainland was a man from Harbour Grace!

So now they wish the mutton had come from other means
For now instead of mutton they're eatin' pork and beans
So if you see a man and on his hat's a yellow band
Don't think that you can fool him -- he might be from Newfoundland!

####.... Ben Weatherby ....####