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The Trapper's Song

sheet music

A crowd of jolly trappers, we're leaving one and all.
The first hard work is started on the portage of Muskrat Falls.
And getting in our canoes, boys, oh, it seems so fine,
Going up Grand River with our pole and tracking line.

Now good-bye wives and sweethearts, we are going to leave you now.
For you we'll make a living by the sweat of our brow.
But when we all return once more, out from our trapping line,
Oh, we'll be glad to see you all and have a jolly good time.

Now up the river in his canoe every man is found
Feeling very jolly for to reach his trapping ground.
And setting out our traps, we work from early until late,
And every man a'wishing that the fur is taking bait.

But when the hunt is over and we are homeward bound,
Feeling very sorry for to leave our trapping ground.
And going down the river, we are nearly blind with sweat.
But when we see our friends at home, we'll be happy then, you bet.

Now just a word for Kenamu, Maskaupi just the same,
Including the Goose Bay River boys, we know that they are game.
Also the chaps that trap the bay along the water line.
We wish you all the best of luck, long life and happy time.

So now my song is ended, the truth to you I'll tell.
A trapper has a lonely life and that you all know well.
I think I'll boil the kettle, cheer the bogie with a junk.
I rhymed this into Apple Lake, stretched out upon my bunk.