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Twenty One Years
See also Twenty One Years [continued]

The judge said stand up, lad, and dry up your tears
You're sentenced to prison for 21 years
So dry up your tears, love, and kiss me goodbye
The best friends must part, love, so must you and I

I hear the train coming, she'll be here at nine
To take me to Dartmoor to serve out my time
I looked down the railway and plainly I see
You're standing there waving your good-bye to me

Six months have gone by, love, I wish I were dead
This dark dreary dungeon with stones for my bed
It's raining it's hailing the moon gives no light
Why don't you tell me, love, why you never write

I've watched and I've waited and longed for the day
The night time's so lonely my hair's turning grey
My thoughts are of you, love, I'm out of my mind
For 21 years, love, is a mighty long time

Yes 21 years, love, is a mighty long time