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Wolf at the Door

Sung to the tune of My Old Brown Coat & Me

There's forty thousand o'er my head the wolf is at the door
Finance company's on the phone; can't answer it no more
Two years ago we were living with Dad; had nothing to call our own
Got so fed up we went down to the bank, got an eight thousand dollar loan

Spent all that money on the very 1st day & charged up a thousand more
Got a truck & a camper & Ford Motor Credit & Coke from the convenience store
Then we charged up a washer & a fridge & a stove a chesterfield, beds & chairs
Blankets & dishes from the Eaton's catalogue and a tv set from Sears

Got a mortgage on the house for twenty-five years, cost a hundred thousand by then
The income tax wants nine-hundred dollars or they'll put us in the pen
Yes the wolves are knockin at our door & they keep coming back
They're beatin on the windows & jumpin on the roof ain't much more we can hack

So we let them in - here we are, it's the wolf who answers the door
They took right over; even took our bed & we're sleepin on the floor
If you phone the house & a voice says "woof" don't think it'sall that bad
The wolf now lives where we used to live and we're back living with Dad.

####.... Corey and Trina ....####