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The Unemployment Song


We're two weather beaten old Newfoundland fishermen
Sometime we smiles and sometimes we frowns.
But you'll agree from what y' can see
A fisherman's life has it's ups and downs.
But we are facing a wonderful future,
Gone are the winters we've alwats endured,
For our unemployment is now for enjoyment,
Come April the first we will all be insured.

The Fisheries Council of Canada said
They'd make all our hardships a thing of the past.
The Insurance Commission has improved our condition
It's taken them years, but they've done it at last.
We fishermen now have a newly found hobby
Makes us fel just like two juvenile scamps.
And though we're not schooboys, we'll bow to the rule, boys
So we've begun our collection of stamps.

We're paid by the rating of our weekly catch
And with twenty weeks work we will be in the clear.
Then our benefit starts, we will be men of hearts
Sit back and do nothing for the rest of the year.
For semi-dried codfish we don't get much rating
Extra dry hard ones bring more increment.
And though we're defaulting, we're giving up salting,
Curing our fish now in North Star cement.

We will now be able to fish at our leisure,
One good haul a week and then that will be that.
And when fish are playing, to them we'll be saying
Stay where you're to till we comes where you're at.
Now if in the future, you should go a squiddin'
Find a queer spectacle there, I'll be bound.
They'll sit by their jiggers, all adding up figures
A'licking their stamps on the squid jiggin' ground.

####.... Dick Nolan ....####