Songs Listed By First Lines - O to S

O, P

O Mary dear and did you hear the news I heard today?
O Peggy Gordon, You are my darling
Oh, a Newfie boy from Stephenville left his native soil.
Of all the stars that ever shone
Oh Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling
Oh, dear, what can the matter be
Oh, dont' come where we're to, stay where you're at
Oh here I am from Paddy's land a land of high reknown
Oh it is the biggest mixup that you have ever seen
Oh, Lord, I have travelled and oh, I have roamed
Oh me name is Dick Darby, I'm a cobbler
Oh, me name it is Sam Hall, chimney sweep, chimney sweep
Oh, me name it is Sam Hall, chimney sweep, chimney sweep
Oh my name is Samuel Small, Samuel Small
Oh, now is the time when the men are all ready,
Oh, Oh, The rattlin' bog, the bog down in the valley-O
Oh our schooner and our sloop in Ferryland they do lie.
Oh the fish are all caught and the squids are all jigged,
Oh the harbour lights are gleaming
Oh, the moon was out,the stars were bright,the larks were singin' free
Oh the morning sun it shines, on the harbour and the bays
Oh, the summer time is coming,
Oh, the wife she gets right vicious
Oh the year was 1778
Oh the year was 1978
Oh there once was a swagman camped in a billabong
Oh, there is an ancient at the other end of town.
Oh, there're sober men and plenty,
Oh, there's lots of fish in Bonavist' Harbour,
Oh, this is the place where the fishermen gather,
Oh, tonight the west moon hangs over the harbour,
Oh well come gather all around me, there is something you should know
Oh what I'd give to be a gaffer back home where my heart still longs to be to
Oh ye landsmen and ye seamen, come listen to my song,
Oh, you may bless your happy lots, all ye who dwell on shore
Oh, you western ocean laborers, I would have you all beware
Old Jim Jones the fisher, the trapper, the trawler,
On a far off August day
On a less than perfect day, with the fog upon the bay
On a little hill in a little cove
On a sad November Day we hear of Flanders Fields
On St. Patrick's Day, the seventeenth,
On the big land of (?), on the first day of May
On the fifteenth day of February
On the noble fleet of whalers out sailing from Dundee,
On the wall of our home there hangs a picture
On the 29 of August in nineteen ninety eight
One day in December I'll never forget
One day in September the skies they were blue
One evening for pleasure I rambled
Our culture's like a flower; our people like the earth,
Our island was discovered so long, long ago
Our marriage was happy, I was never alone
Out on the Mira on warm afternoons
Out through the narrows, we'll sail for wide ocean.
Over in Teddy's barn, sittin' around and havin' a yarn
Over Pipers Stock Hill take the time for to wander
P stands for Paddy I suppose
Paddy O'Brian left Ireland in glee;
People I know stopped to say
Proud Chief of our Isle, valiant leader in danger,
Put the light in the window, my darling, she said,

R, S

Red is the rose that in yonder garden grows,
Rise, Newfoundland, and break your chains,
Sad comes the news from over the sea, from over the troubling main,
Sails on the ocean far out on the tide
Santa Claus is comin' on a trike
Seven years I lived in that city
She could've made a midnight move
She got up the steam twelfth day of March and shortly did embark.
She loves to dance and sing some too
She went down last October in a pouring driving rain
She'a a fisher woman and don't give a damn
She's a mighty big river, The Humber, my friend
She’s not an angel sent from up above and I am not a hunk a hunk of burning love
She's a rocky isle in the ocean
She's like the swallow that flies so high,
Sit down and I'll sing you a ditty
Six months have gone by, love, the good doctor said
She's bordered by inlets, tickles and sounds
Short jacket and blue trousers
Skipper only got one oar.
Small town attitude and big white lies breaking people’s hearts in two and tearing up their lives
Soldiers in dreams are like lovers that come without warning
Some people come for children and take them for their own
Some words in our life we find hard to say
Something keeps passin through my mind,
Sonny lives on a farm on a wide open space
Sunday morning just at nine, Dan McGinty dressed so fine
Surrounded by a mighty sea, there'san island dear to me.
Sweet Nellie was a lovely girl living in our town
Sweetheart I'm bidding you fond farewell