Songs Midis -- M to Z

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Date Added
Sequenced By
Mary Ellen Carter, TheMay 28, '00n/a
Mary on the Wild MoorMay 28, '00n/a
Mermaid, TheOct. 15, '00n/a
MichaelSept. 15, '01n/a
Molly Malone (Cockles and Mussels) # 1Aug. 13, '00n/a
Molly Malone (Cockles and Mussels) # 2Aug. 13, '00Barry Taylor
Music and Friends #1June 03, 02 n/a
Mussels in the Corner #1May 28, '00n/a
Mussels in the corner #2June 03, 02 n/a
My Father's Old Sou'western/an/a
Nancy WhiskeyNov. 14, '00Barry Taylor
Newfoundland Traditional MedleySept.15, '01John Jenkins Sr.
Nightingale, The # 1May 28, '00n/a
Nightingale, The # 2July 15, '00n/a
Northern Lights of Labrador, The # 1Feb. 18, '01Ben Brake
Northern Lights # 2June 03, 02 n/a
Nova Scotia Song, The # 1May 28, '00n/a
Nova Scotia Song, The # 2July 30, '00Barry Taylor
Ode To Newfoundland # 1n/aNoel G. Murphy
Ode To Newfoundland # 2May 28, '00n/a
Ode To Newfoundland # 3July 15, '00Barry Taylor
Ode To Newfoundland # 4Sept.15, '01John Jenkins Sr.
Paddy And The Whalen/an/a
Patriot Game, TheJan. 15, '01n/a
Peggy Gordonn/an/a
Petty Harbour Bait Skiffn/an/a
Prison Of Newfoundlandn/an/a
Rattlin' BogJune 14, '00n/a
Rocky Road to Dublin, TheMay 28, '00n/a
Rolling Down to Old Mauin/aBarry Taylor
Rubber BootsFeb. 18, '01Ben Brake
Ryans and the Pittmans, The # 1n/aBarry Taylor
Ryans and the Pittmans, The # 2Sept. 15 '01John Jenkins Sr.
Roving Newfoundlanders, Then/an/a
Sailor's Alphabet, Then/an/a
Saint Anne's ReelJuly 15, '00Barry Taylor
Seven Old LadiesApril 10, '00n/a
She's Like The Swallown/aBarry Taylor
Short Jacket # 1n/an/a
Short Jacket # 2n/an/a
Sloop John B., TheOct. 15, '00Robert Dupler
Song for the MiraMay 28, '00McGilvray
Sonny's Dream # 1n/an/a
Sonny's Dream # 2Jan. 15, '01Ben Brake
Squid Jigging Ground, The # 1n/aBarry Taylor
Squid Jigging Ground, The # 2Sept. 15 '01John Jenkins Sr.
Star Of Logy Bay # 1April 10, '00Moe Blanchard
Star Of Logy Bay # 2n/an/a
Star Of Logy Bay # 3July 15, '00Barry Taylor
Sweet Forget Me Not Nov, 09, 02 
Tarry Trousersn/an/a
Thomas And Nancyn/an/a
Tickle Cove Pond # 1n/an/a
Tickle Cove Pond # 2n/an/a
Tickle Cove Pond # 3Sept. 15 '01John Jenkins Sr.
The Two Sistersn/an/a
Twentyone Years Nov,09,02 
Waltzing Matilda # 1April 10, '00n/a
Waltzing Matilda # 2July 30, '00n/a
Waltzing Matilda # 3July 30, '00T. N. Thurston
We'll Rant and We'll Roarn/aBarry Taylor
When Irish Eyes Are SmilingAug. 13, '00n/a
Whe You and I Were Young, MaggieFeb. 18, '01Barry Taylor
Whiskey in the JarJuly 15, '00n/a
Whistling Gypsy (The Gypsy Rover) # 1Aug. 13, '00n/a
Whistling Gypsy (The Gypsy Rover) # 2Feb. 18, '01Barry Taylor
Wild Mountain ThymeAug. 13, '00n/a
Wild Rover, The # 1July 15, '00n/a
Wild Rover, The # 2Aug. 13, '00Barry Taylor