Songs Midis -- A to L

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Date Added
Sequenced By
All For Me GrogJuly 15, '00n/a
Badger Drive, The # 1April 10, '00Moe Blanchard
Badger Drive, The # 2n/an/a
Badger Drive, The # 3Oct. 20, '01n/a
Band Played Waltzing Matilda, TheApril 10, '00n/a
Banks of Newfoundland, The # 1n/aBarry Taylor
Banks of Newfoundland, The # 2n/aBarry Taylor
Barrett's PrivateersMar. 28, '00n/a
Between Two Trees #1June 03, 02 n/a
Billy PeddleJan. 06, '01Ben Brake
Black Velvet BandMay 28, '00n/a
Blooming Bright Star of Belle Isle, TheJuly 15, '00Barry Taylor
Bound Down to {for} NewfoundlandJuly 15, '00Barry Taylor
Calton Weaver, TheNov. 04, '00n/a
Citadel HillJuly 15, '00Barry Taylor
Cockles and Mussels (Molly Malone) # 1Aug. 13, '00n/a
Cockles and Mussels (Molly Malone) # 2Aug. 13, '00Barry Taylor
Cod Liver OilJuly 15, '00n/a
Come Back Paddy ReillySept. 15, '01John Jenkins Sr.
Danny BoyAug. 13, '00Barry Taylor
Dirty Old TownMay 28, '00n/a
Down Went McGintyMay 28, '00n/a
Farewell to Nova Scotia # 1May 28, '00n/a
Farewell to Nova Scotia # 2July 30, '00Barry Taylor
Feilds athenery Nov, 09 02 
Feller From Fortune, The # 1n/aBarry Taylor
Feller From Fortune, The # 2Sept. 15 '01Barry Taylor
Fiddler's GreenMar. 28, '00n/a
Finnegan's WakeAug. 13, '00n/a
Fish of the Sea, TheFeb. 18, '01Barry Taylor
Flemings of Torbay, TheAug. 13, '00n/a
Foggy Dew, The # 1July 15, '00n/a
Foggy Dew, The # 2Aug. 13, '00Barry Taylor
Four Green FieldsOct. 15, '00n/a
Goin out the bay Nov,09 02 
Government Game, The, 2Jan. 15, '01n/a
Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeern/an/a
Great Gig Sea Hove In Long Beach, A # 1April 10, '00Moe Blanchard
Great Gig Sea Hove In Long Beach, A # 2Sept. 15, '01John Jenkins Sr.
Greenland Disaster, TheJuly 15, '00Barry Taylor
Harbour LeCou # 1April 10, '00Moe Blanchard
Harbour LeCou # 2n/an/a
Harbour LeCou # 3Sept. 15, '01John Jenkins Sr.
Hard, Hard TimesApril 10, '00Moe Blanchard
Heave Away#1 Dec 02Tony
Heave Away #2Feb 23,03
Husky Reel # 1June 03, 02n/a
I'll Tell Me Ma # 1Aug. 13, '00Barry Taylor
Haul Away JoeOct. 20, '01n/a
I'll Tell Me Ma # 2Aug. 13, '00n/a
I'm My Own GranpaMay 28, '00n/a
Irish Rover, TheJuly 15, '00n/a
I'se the B'y # 1n/an/a
I'se the B'y # 2Sept. 15, '01John Jenkins Sr.
Jack HinksApril 10, '00Moe Blanchard
Jack Was Every Inch a Sailorn/aBarry Taylor
Kelligrews Soiree, Then/aBarry Taylor
Let Me Fish Off Cape St. Mary's # 1April 10, '00Moe Blanchard
Let Me Fish Off Cape St. Mary's # 2Sept. 15, '01John Jenkins Sr.
The Letter Edged in BlackMar. 28, '00n/a
Little boats Feb 23, 03
Liverpool LouMay 28, '00n/a
Loch LomondAug. 13, '00n/a
Lord of the Dance # 1Aug. 13, '00n/a
Lord of the Dance # 2Oct. 20, '01n/a
Lord of the Dance # 3Oct. 20, '01n/a
Lord of the Dance # 4Oct. 20, '01n/a
The Loss of the Marionn/an/a
Lots of Fish in Bonavist' Harbourn/aBarry Taylor
Lukey's Boat # 1Jan. 15, '01Ben Brake
Lukey's Boat # 2Feb. 18, '01Barry Taylor
Lukey's Boat # 3Sept. 15, '01John Jenkins Sr.