Songs Listed By First Lines - T to Z

T, U, V

Take me back to my Western boat,
Ten little turrs in the freezer is better than a hundred in the bay
Ten years ago on a cold dark night
The autumn days are her again and the night winds chilly blow
The boys they left their Newfoundland and went to Oshawa
The bride wore a floor length gown of nylon lace
The bright sun a-shining and blue skies a-pining
The Brunswick Street moon
The church door was opened as I stepped inside
The coat she wore still lies upon the bed
The common man don't count at all these days
The fondest wish I ever had since the day that I was weaned
The Garden of Eden has vanished, they say
The Gypsy Rover came over the hill,
The holly green, the ivy green
The judge said stand up lad and dry up your tears
The lights in the taverns are shining bright
The moon was bright one starry night, forgotten never shall be
The night that Paddy Murphy died I never shall forget
The northern tip of Newfoundland as far as you can see
The old hometown looks the same
The old man was pacing the floor up and down
The open sea hath mercy, but the thund'ring surf hath none;
The pink, the lily, and the blooming rose
The pink the rose of England shows, the green St. Patrick's emblem bright,
The spring-time of the year is come
The sun was setting in the west
The stuff that makes up legends is born of yesterday
The times have changed, the trains have all gone
The trees are turning early and the hills are all ablaze
The thrilling tale we heard last week is in our mem'ries yet,
The values we all cherish
The Vinland shores of Newfoundland
The violets were scenting the woods, Maggie
The winter snow is a child’s delight
The winter soon will be past, by's,
The winter's ice clings to cliff, to beach an empty shell
The years, the years have come and gone
There are many versions of the rubber boot song
There is a ship in Harbour Grace it's been there for a while
There is a young maiden, she lives all alone,
There is one class of men in this country that never is mentioned in song.
There is trouble tonight in Newfoundland and the hearts of men are sad,
There once was a roving gypsy and he came from over the plain.
There was a frog lived in the well
There was Johnny McEldoo and McGhee and me,
There was laughter and joy on that fine summer's evening;
There was once a young captain who followed the sea
There were two sisters, Jane and Mary Ann
There's a neat little lass and her name is Mari Mac
There's a noble fleet of whalers a-sailing from Dundee,
There's a party down at the Harbour Lounge, they got a country band
There's a place where Mother Nature got it all together
There's a tear in your eye,
There's an old old story that everybody knows
There's forty thousand o'er my head the wolf is at the door
There's many a tragic story in our annals oft' we told
There's some that's bound for New York town
There's too many heartaches, too much pain
They were very very happy, their marriage was a gem
They're outport people with outport ways
This bloke I know came rolling home shickered as he could be
This, I am sad and lonely down in the distant west
This cramped city life is not right for a man
This is of an old sailor who lived out in the bay,
This song's for every Newfie boy
This world is either spinnin' way too fast or way too slow
This year I'm having Christmas dinner with me buddy Sam
This year when I sat happy birthday, darling
Tim Finnegan lived in Walkin' Street.
'Tis of a brave young highwayman this story I will tell
Today has been my birthday, and tonight I should be glad
Today I'm so lonely, I'm feeling so sad
Trout River living on my mind
'Twas all on a cold winter's night
Twas Friday morn when we set sail
'Twas just a year ago today I left my emerald isle
Two Irishmen and a Newfie once went out for recreation
Two jinkers in our harbour dwell, adventuresome and plucky;
Two recruiting sargeants came to the CLB
Uncle Tom's cabin used to glow in the dark
Un gros coup de vent de nordet
Up jumps a crab with his crooked leg


Wake up Lazy Tom get your feet outta bed
Walk me to the corner when the moon is full
Walking the streets of my home town
We are singing for fishermen
We come on the Sloop John B.
We may not be so great
We often read of heroes bold and noble deeds they done
We travelled way down east this year to see our parents place
We were bound home in October from the shores of Laborador
Well a process man am I and I'm telling you no lies.
Well done you boys from Newfoundland
Well, first to get a moose licence you apply for six whole years,
Well General Taylor gainedthe day
Well General Taylor gained the day
Well he came home on Monday night
Well how do you do, Private William McBride.
Well, I left Toronto city on a train eastward bound
Well I meant to call just before I left to go away
Well I'll tell ya man I don't understand about this world today
Well, it's blackfish at play in Hermitage Bay
Well I've been away most all of my life
Well I've told you all the story about Aunt Martha's sheep
Well Jimmy played harmonica in the pub where I was born
Well the times are rough, and it's gettin' tough
Well there was an old farmer who lived down in Spain
Well we're good old boys, we come from the North Shore
Well, we're happy Newfoundlanders and proud of our great land
Well we're home again in Newfoundland this year,
We're coming home, the celebration's on
We're going down to the fishing hole
We're two weather beaten old Newfoundland fishermen
We've got everything packed from tobacco to dishes
What colour is a heartache,
What did I have, said the fine old woman
What have you got if you ain't got love?
When Cabot landed on our rocky shores over 500 years ago
When Father papered the parlour you couldn't see him for paste
When I go a-walking, I hear people talking
When I was a little boy so my mother told me, to me
When I was a young man I played the guitar
When lured by dreams of salmon streams and sylvan beauties rare,
When Napoleon Bonaparte to Moscow he went
When sun rays crown thy pine clad hills,
When the Americays were dry
When the bo's'n's loud whistle keeps sounding
When the little boats go out to sea from the shores of Newfoundland
When the sun came up this morning it found me eastward bound
When you cry it feels like a part of me dies
When you reach that place you've searched for all this time
When your feet felt feel like they're made of stone
Where be it Blackbird to? I know where he be,
Where the Atlantic meets our coast line on our rugged western shore
Where the Earth show it bones of wind broken stone and the sea and the sky are one
Where the mountain sweeps down to meet the coast along the bay
Where the seagull soars and the mighty ocean roars
Where the wind blows tonight I will follow
While going the road to sweet Athy, A-roo, Ha-roo.
"Will you join up with my Party," said Joey, to the Guy,
Will you love me when I'm old and feeble
With our nets and gear we're faring
Without roots to set me on the ground
Woman of Labrador,


Ye fellows smokes tobacco, come pity my case
Ye lads and lassies of Newfoundland come listren to my sad tale,
Ye ladies and ye gentlemen, I pray you lend an ear
Ye landsmen that live on the land, Come listen to what I write
Ye muses nine with me combine, Your aid I do invite
Ye muses, so kind that are guided by wind,
Ye people of thee United States come listen to my song
Ye rambling boys of Erin, ye rambling boys, beware,
Ye ramblin' boys o' Liverpool, ye sailormen beware;
You & I underneath the moon, by open fire not a lonely room
You ask me why I look so sad on this bright summer's day
You asked me to tell you the reason
You bully boys of Liverpool I'll have you all beware
You can tell a Nova Scotian by the fragrance of the ocean,
You didn't see it coming but you’re gonna feel it leave
You landsmen that live on land,
You may smile if you're a mind to, but perhaps you'll lend an ear
You may talk of Clara Nolan's Ball or anything you choose,
You might think it's goofy, but the man in the moon is a Newfie,
You placed gold on my finger
You'll have to excuse me, I'm not at my best
You're the last one to take the Beothuk line thru' time,
You've got plans to perfect me and friends to show you how