Songs Listed By First Lines - A to H


A crowd of jolly trappers, we're leaving one and all.
A fisher boy was leaving and going to Labrador,
A fisherman from Placentia Bay
"A" for abundance, this we will need,
A for the anchor that holds the gear down
A good sword and a trusty hand a merry heart and true
A grade seven girl so young and so free
A great big sea hove in long beach,
"A" is an apple which growed on a tree,
A little girl sat by the road as the soldiers quickly passed
A little girl was waiting for her daddy one day
A man came home from work one night
A nobleman's fair daughter came down a narrow lane
A is the anchor that holds a bold ship,
A Newfie's a Newfie wherever he goes
A Newfie clock-winder, to Dublin he came
A Newfoundland sailor was walking by the strand
A pretty fair maiden,looking out her window
A strong wind from the Northeast
Ah, for just one time I would take the Northwest Passage
Ah there was an old woman from Wexford
All true-born Newfoundlanders pray hearken unto me,
An Irish boy was leaving, leaving his own native home
And come tell me Sean O'Farrell, tell me why you hurry so
And it's all for me grog, me jolly, jolly grog,
And it's oh dear what can the matter be?
And it's oh dear what can the matter be?
And it's three score and ten boys and men were lost from Grimsby town
And when the pipes called
Another foolish game
As down the glen one Easter morn to a city fair rode I
As I came down thru Dublin city at the hour of twelve at night
As I leaned o'er the rail of the Eagle,
As I roved by the dockside one evening so rare
As I roved out in the May mornin'
As I roved out one fine summer's evening
As I roved out one morning in the lovely month of May
As I rowed ashore from my schoonerclose by
As I walked into Glasgow City
As I was going over Gilgarra mountain,
As I was walking down the road
As I went home on a Monday night
As I went home on a Monday night
As I rode over Kilkenny mountain
As I was a-walking and a-rambling one day
As I was sitting in my homestead one day while all alone
At Oranmore in the county Galway
At the east end of town
Attention, fellow country-men while this sad tale I'll tell,
Aunt Beatie was a sweetie, God bless her soul


Back in time when coke was a dime, and Maverick was on TV
Based on songs and stories heroes of renown.
Between two trees, there lies a story true
Billy Drover's dead and gone, there nothing left but the bones
Billy Peddle, Billy Peddle have you seen Tom White?
Bingo and Another World, that's all I ever hear.
Black is the colour (color) of my true love's hair
Blow out the lamp love, blow out the lamp love
By a lonely prison wall, I heard a young girl calling
By the storm torn shoreline a woman is standing
By yon bonnie banks and by yon bonnie braes


Can anybody tell me where the Blarney Roses
Church bells ringing, choir singing it's Christmas time again
Cods and rinds to cover your flake
Cold winds blowing, outside it's snowing
Come all of you young shanty boys, come listen to my song
Come all ye brave heroes who handle a gun
Come all ye folks and listen to a story I will tell
Come all ye good people and listen
Come all ye good people, I pray lend an ear,
Come all ye good people I'll sing you a song
Come all ye moonshine drinkers and ye will quickly see,
Come all ye young fellows and list' while I tell
Come all ye young rebels, and list while I sing,
Come all you gallant seaman bold that plow the raging main
Come all you jolly fellows and listen to my song;
Come all you true Irish boys, please listen to me.
Come all you young sailormen, listen to me
Come and I will sing you
Come closer eastcoaster and stay for a while
Come get your duds in order for we're going to leave tomorrow
Come gather all around me and I'll sing to you a tale,
Come hear about young Chambers boat, a boat with two ridge spars
Come home to Newfoundland, it's come home year,
Come on down, let it all hang out
Come patriots all, both great and small,
Constance, the night is beautiful

D, E, F

Daddy, I've prayed. I'm going to bed or Santa might miss me tonight.
Daddy won't be home again for Christmas Dear land of mountains, woods and snow,
Dear Mr. Ford
Dear Newfoundland, have I got to leave you
'Deed I is in love with you
Did that old feelin come over you today
Don't seem like Christmas if the Mummers aren't here
Down by the river that flows through the coal yard
Down on the eastern coast, ruled by the ocean
Each morning I wake up about quarter after four
Every lover knows this song too well.
Explorers searched the North pole and found no trace of Santa
Fancy brings a thought to mind
Fare-well an' a-dieu to you fair Spanish ladies,
Fare- well to old England for e-ver
Farewell to you my own true love
Farewell to your bricks and mortar, farewell to your dirty lies
For those who seek the face of God
From the widow McKenny I bought for a penny,

G, H

Gaily flags were proudly waving at the hour she set for braving,
Gather up the pots and the old tin cans
Gentlemen, it is my duty, to inform you of one beauty.
Good people all, both great and small, I hope you will attend,
Glory, halleluia, don't that put the screws right to ya
Go ahead and kiss him
Grandma got run over by a reindeer
Grandpa loved his motorboat all the days of his life
Great big sea hove in Long Beach,
Hand in hand strolling by the roadside
Harris, my old friend, good to see your face again
Have you been in a club where there's darts being played
Have you ever wondered as you listened to the wind
Have you heard the news in Newfoundland
Have you heard the story of the Mobile goat on the grand old southern shore
He barely knew how to toddle
He sits on the wharf in the warm summer sun
He took all he got from God and a grade eight education
He took me by the hand, girl
He was skinny as a rake like two by four
He was stranded in some tiny town on fair Prince Edward Island
He was the Captain of the Nightingale
Hello, Mom and Dad, we're coming home for Christmas
Her keel slips gently onward and over.
Here it is Christmas day and you're many miles away
Here's the finish of the story I think that I should tell
Here's to the soldiers that march to the war
Hi-di-diddle-di-diddle-i Hi-di-diddle-di-diddle-i
Hold your head up Newfoundlander
How still lies the bay, in the light western airs
Hurrah for our own native land, Newfoundland!