Meet The Folks Who Made It Possible. Thank you one and all!

Here is a partial list of those who have taken the time to send in
song lyrics, midis and guitar tabs. Without their help and the help like them I would not
have been able to turn this site into the resource it has become. Each and every one
deserves a blue ribbon for his or her efforts in helping to keep our music alive.


Marjorie Cox     Bob Moulton     Ken and Marlene G.
Anselm Griffiths,     Ron Murphy,     Andrew Laffin,     Jason Langdon,     The "Wordman",
Wayne Sullivan,     Jean Lane (Lady Newfoundland's Links),     Mel Penney,     Gord Currie
E. Wayne Fowler,     Mike Madigan (The Sharecroppers),     A. Frank Willis (A. Frank
Lee Slade     Rich Farrell,     Randy Downey (Randy,     Perry White,     Ralph Howell,
John Strowbridge,     Scott McGarrigle,     Roberta Brenton,     Wayne King,     Andrew MacLean
Chris Kane,     R. G. Howell,     Roberta Brenton,     Ian Hocking,     Garr Norick,     Dan Milner
Ben Brake,     J. M. (Moe) Blanchard,     Randy and Judy Boone (The Boones' Home Page)
Steve Loder,     Kevin Mercer,     John Jenkins Sr.,     Holly Antle,     Nicole Nolan


A fresh list I will try to maintain
Denise Foote, Gar Norick, Jackie Smith, Tony ?, Mel Penney, Todd Hines, Tara & Jason, Rob Currie, Elmer Gosse, Scott Foote, Bob Porter