Will You

Will you marry me today, 
Will you let me have my way,
Will you tell me it's ok if I do wrong.

Will you take me by the hand
Will you lead me through this land.
Will you even understand me if I stray.

Will their comes a time in life, 
When a man should take a wife.
And I don't know if it's right, for me to say.
But i've looked around a lot
Nothing compares to what I've got.
So now here upon my knees, is what I'll say.

<instrumental>...of a complete chours.

I've been all around this world,
And i've courted many's a girl.
There's been times, I've felt like giving up the search.
Here face to face and toe to toe,
Their's one answer I should know.
So I'll ask you now, to see what you will say.