Wave the Flag

We're comimng home, the celebration's on
We'll mend the broken hearts, that's waited for so long.
We'll use the roads, and the rails and planes.
So take my hand, Wave the Flag, we're coming home.

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Down through the years, you've been left behind.
People's been leaving here for years, it's an endless line.
Let's forget the past, strike up the band.
We're coming home to celebrate you Newfoundland.

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< instrumental >

< 2 >
We know you got lives, built in other towns.
And you've new families and friends there, since you've gone.
So bring along the folks, born in foreign lands.
We'll treat them to the laid back ways in Nnewfoundland.

< chours >

< 3 >
From the Northern Pen, on to Port-au-Basque.
All through the inland, to St. John's, it'll be a blast.
So treat yourself, to the Island call
Come ease your mind, slip back in time, we're gonna have a ball.

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< chours >

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Take my hand, Wave the Flag, we're coming home.

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