Up She Rises

When she leaves safe harbour, headed for the fishin grounds
Unknown waters again.
And ya wave goodbye to the friends on-shore
Steam`n wid a northern wind.
The waves they roll and the wind's pick'n up
And the night is commin on fast.
She turns her back to the island shore, through the high waves she will blast.

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And it's
Oh oh oh, up she rises
Water rolls off, of her deck.
Oh oh oh, up she rises,
Guided through the sea by her captain Jack
Oh oh oh, up she rises
She's headed straight into the wind
Oh oh oh, up she rises
She goes back down, then she rises again.

In the morning the winds are calm, and the waters, glisten with the rising sun.
The captain says all men on deck, their's a days work to be done.
We climb the rails, and hit the deck, we've reached the fishing grounds at last.
We work the day and hear the captain say, there's a wind storm coming up fast.

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When the catch is made, we steam for home,
To a harbour safe and warm.
In a restless night we toss and turn
With the winds and waves of a storm.
In a northern gale, and a 10 foot swell
She's cutting through the mighty sea.
And the sound of a song is heard from below
The men you can hear um sing.

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