Newfie Polka
by Michael T. Wall
There's A Schooner In The Bay, B'y
Women Makin' Hay, B'y
Havin' Fun Out In The Sun 
In Good Old Newfoundland My Son
Romp & Stomp, Gettin' Drunk
Doin' The Newfie Polka
Fish & Brewis, They Like Their Booze
Doin' The Newfie Polka
There's Piles of Codfish Dryin'
And The Sound Of Seagulls Cryin'
On Dominion Day We Drink The Best
On Other Days We Fish & Rest
The Bay B'ys They Come Into Town
To Swing Those Towny Girls Around
Join In That Accordion Sound
And Drink Some Good Old Newf Screech Down
All In Lace From Harbour Grace
Don't The Girls Look Pretty?
Showin' Off Their Boots & Smocks
Makin' The Boys Act Giddy
Uncle Mose Steps Off The Boat
With Somethin' Hid Beneath His Coat
Though The Season's Closed, One Never Knows
It Could Be A Big Piece Of Moose Meat
An All-Night Dance At Come-By-Chance
Makes A Happy Day
And The Boys & Girls Show They Care
In The Good Old Newfie Way